The King of Denim – কভিডকালের অধিনায়ক

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The King of Denim – কভিডকালের অধিনায়ক

Md. Nurul Islam, the Chairman and Advisory Board Member of Nice Denim Mills Limited, is a renowned figure in the Bangladesh denim industry. He is often referred to as the “King of the Bangladesh Denim Industry,” a title that speaks to his expertise and leadership in the field.

Recently, Nice Denim was recognized as the first and top fabric in a “Bornikbarta” article about the top fabric lists during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a significant achievement and a testament to the quality and innovation of our products.

We are proud of this recognition and grateful to Md. Nurul Islam and the rest of our team for their hard work and dedication. We will continue to strive for excellence and to be a leader in the denim industry.

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