We have one objective: to be the best denim industry in Bangladesh.
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SAAD GROUP of Industries
A pioneering company in the textile industry.
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A charitable nonprofit organization
Founded by Mr. Nurul Islam.
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TROPHY 2018 - 2019
We received the bronze National Export Trophy
for the best denim export.
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We save the environment by using
environmentally friendly methods.
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World Ranking


The Power We Have

Production Capacity

Best Award We Achieved

National Export
Trophy 2018-19

Workers in The Mill



Achieving the Best Results

Certificate of Achievement-Awarded to
Nice Denim Mills Limited by LIDL and Baycity

Thanks and congratulations to each and every Nice Group member for this fantastic accomplishment.

Out of 28 textile participants in the Supplier Qualification Program, Nice Denim took first place.

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We manufacture denim fabrics with weights ranging from 2.5 oz to 15 oz. Our denims are made with various kinds of cotton and mixed cotton yarn in a wide range of colors, shades, and castings of basic indigo with sulfur topping and bottoming.





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Discover the core of Saad Group Company’s textile mastery in our new video. From luxurious fabrics to inventive designs, our collection showcases top-notch quality and creativity. Take a visual tour through our detailed process, blending tradition with innovation. Dive into the essence of our craft and find out why Saad Group Company leads the textile industry.


We had the privilege of meeting the owner of Pee Vee Textile, who extended a warm welcome. Our Deputy Managing Director, Madam Nur-e Yasmin Fatima, now a Director of BTMA, shared her experience meeting the esteemed owner. She expressed, ‘As a newly appointed Director of BTMA, I must learn extensively. I hope to apply these learnings even in my homeland. Despite the immense pressure, I successfully navigated through the day. However, I realized how India efficiently balances low costs and quick production. Alhamdulillah for everything.’

Alhamdulillah, our top management team had the opportunity to visit various industries in Ahmedabad. We were warmly welcomed by Pashupati Group, Bodal Chemicals Ltd. and more, who honored us as their distinguished guests. During this insightful visit, we engaged in fruitful discussions about business culture, strategies to reduce costs and enhance production efficiency, and much more.

Nur-E Yasmin Fatima, the DMD of Saad Group and Director of BTMA, inspired us with her words: ‘Let’s embrace change and work towards creating a more beautiful world for future generations. Just as seven colors cannot be found between black and white, there’s a vast spectrum of possibilities waiting for us.’

This experience was invaluable, providing us with a deeper understanding of the global business landscape. We are committed to implementing the knowledge gained, fostering meaningful collaborations, and contributing to a brighter future for all.


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What They Said
About Us

Seven years into our firm, we've learnt a lot about our clients and our industry.
These are just a handful of the kind suggestions and compliments you have offered us.

Christian Folk


Excellent product, very helpful staff. Stand out products in the days of all too samey. Would definitely buy from this seller again. Consistently one of the top selling gaiters in the industry.

Jeff Knight


I purchased several fat quarters of denim, some of the lovely soft blue fleece, the tool for setting poppers and several packs of different coloured poppers. All of the items are excellent quality and value. They very friendly service.

Dana Gleason


I love the products from the nice denim company and really looking forward to your website going live so that I can buy more of the fantastic and different products. Thank you for the inspiration. They are so lovely and classy.

Andrew Wills


Nice denim fabric is of beautiful quality and top grade also so easy to work with and all coordinates so well. I’m delighted that I still have enough left over to add some interest to a pinafore for my newest baby granddaughter!


Our Skills

How Professional We Are

Nice Denim has been in the denim market for over three years and has been investing in enhancing quality and commitment, as these are the most important criteria in keeping business. That is the key to our achievement. After seeing the product in both denim fabric and apparel, we are confident that there will be no need to look elsewhere because we have invested in new R&D. Nice Denim provides the greatest and most unrivaled combination of product, cost, and dedication.


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Denim Laboratory

Research And Development

Our research and development efforts in the areas of fabric and washing allow us to provide customers with the newest fabric innovations as well as the newest washes and finishes that are suitable for the textiles and usable in garment forms. To demonstrate the concept of the fabric, our sample shop creates garment and leg panel samples. The Merchandising Group makes suggestions for the products of the business, including styling, silhouettes, and various washing treatments. Additionally, we offer after-sales support to address client issues through swift response visits and meetings with clients.

Environment Metter

Quality Assurance

The highest and strictest quality and compliance criteria for denim manufacturing are met by Nice Denim on the international market. Our certificates serve as proof that the premium denim we sell has been tested and produced in compliance with a category of consumer denim that is sustainable. While upholding a culture of safe, effective, and compliant work ethics that respect industrial, labor, and environmental rules, our internal processes, teams, and products are carefully tested for quality control.

Concern of SAAD GROUP of Industries

Welcome To

A World-Class Denim Fabric Manufacturer In Bangladesh Is Based In Sreepur, Gazipur.

Industry Compliance

For Nice Denim, “business integrated with social and environmental responsibilities” is important. Business is unethical and illegal if it has no social or environmental responsibilities. In order to maintain a secure workplace, SAAD GROUP made significant investments. Additionally, the organization treats the water in the biggest biological effluent treatment plant in Bangladesh. Living wages, as opposed to minimum wages, are what the SAAD GROUP recommends. In terms of social compliance, SAAD GROUP operates IAWT, a non-profit social welfare agency. Numerous initiatives are being carried out by this charity trust, such as providing sanitary services, constructing homes for the desperately poor, and donating money to the poor employees. For underprivileged workers and laborers, SAAD GROUP provides housing. In Nice Denim Mills Limited, SAAD GROUP offered bank account services and provided ATM cards to each and every employee, creating a value toward workers and employees. H&M recognized this, awarding us as the “best example,” and other clients like Target as well as other recognized us. We have a medical facility for underprivileged employees who can’t take care of themselves. The employees are given access to a daycare center for young children and dining areas. Female employees are granted maternity leaves. Honesty, compassion, and justice are values that we uphold. As a result, we were certified by BRC Global, Okeotex, ISO 9001, Asda, Walmart, H&M, Disney, and other organizations.

Environmental Sustainability

Because Nice Denim is the biggest company in the sector, it is its moral and social duty to behave honorably and respond to sustainability challenges on all fronts. In order to achieve environmental sustainability, SAAD GROUP has been working on a variety of successful projects, which has established Nice Denim to the position of a pioneer in the field of sustainable textile production.

Nice Denim will keep setting the standard for environmentally friendly home textile production. By eliminating pollution at the source, reducing environmental impact, and increasing resource reuse and recycling, we will work to reduce the risk of climate change associated with our manufacturing process. We shall support human rights, increase diversity, support coworkers’ personal growth, and encourage more community involvement out of a sense of moral and social responsibility. With an emphasis on effectiveness, ongoing development, and performance benchmarking, we will take the lead in innovation for cleaner production, enabling our customers to choose more environment – friendly products.

Nur - E Yasmin Fatima

Deputy Managing Director, CIP

Ms. Nur-E-Yasmin Fatima is in charge of the SAAD Group’s marketing and operations in her capacity as deputy managing director – CIP. She was in leadership of the two most prominent units (Nice Denim and Nice Fabrics.)

Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain

Managing Director

He has specialized in the textile and apparel industries for almost a decade. He was essential in reducing business procedures and creating a long-term strategic plan, which helped the corporation run more effectively.

Shamiha Khadija Saan

Director- Business Development

SAAD Group also has Shamiha Khadija Saan on its board of directors. She has experience in the apparel and textile industries working on business development and online e-commerce solutions.