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Meet The Crew

The Key Persons of
Nice Denim

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.

Md. Nurul Islam / Chairman & Advisor

Mr. Nurul Islam started his business in the early 1960s and is considered a pioneer of the textile industry in Bangladesh. He has earned a reputation as a forward-thinking textile specialist in Bangladesh thanks to his extensive knowledge and contributions to the growth of the textile industry. Mr. Islam has built more than thirty top-notch factories under the Saad Group of Industries brand. Every year, the organization investigates brand-new textile and apparel markets around the world. Due to his standing in the community, Mr. Islam has been recognized by the Bangladesh government as a Commercially Important Person (CIP-Export) since 2007. He has won various awards throughout the years, including the prestigious National Export Trophy (Gold) and HSBC "Exporter of the Year (Group)". Mr. Islam oversees the government relations, major procurements, and investments in the infrastructure of every unit within the group.

Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain / Managing Director

Mr. Abdullah Mohammad Saad Hossain is an experienced professional in the textile and apparel industry and the managing director of Nice Denim Mills Ltd. The business has performed brilliantly under his direction and moved to the top of the national export rankings. Mr. Saad is actively involved in community activities and has been abroad to promote for Bangladeshi textile technology. Nice Denim has been able to stay one step ahead of its competitors because to his support for the adoption of innovative technology. Overall, Mr. Saad has been extremely important to the development of the business.

Nur-E-Yasmin Fatima / Deputy Managing Director, CIP

Ms. Nur-E-Yasmin Fatima is the company's deputy managing director and is responsible for managing the company's marketing and business operations. She has effectively built two large divisions within the business, Nice Denim and Nice Fabrics, and has significantly contributed to the global branding of Bangladesh's apparel and textile sector. Under her leadership, Bangladesh has become a global leader in the production of garments and textiles, thanks to the success of Nice Denim. The company has grown and developed to be a significant player in the market because to Ms. Fatima's competence in the field.

Shamiha Khadija Saan / Director- Business Development

Shamiha Khadija Saan has professional experience in the textile and apparel industries and has a background in business development and online e-commerce. She currently works with Nice Denim as a director, contributing her experience and knowledge to the business. As she tries to build and expand the company, Saan's abilities and experience have been essential in developing Nice Denim's success. The business has made significant progress under her direction and leadership in the competitive worlds of fashion and e-commerce.