Weaving Processing

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Weaving Processing

Nice Denim is a facility that specializes in denim weaving. The selection of premium cotton yarn is the first step in the process, and it is then dyed and treated to provide the desired color and texture. The yarn is then fed into weaving machines, where it is interlaced to create the characteristic diagonal pattern of denim fabric. After being examined for flaws, the cloth is finished using various techniques, such as washing and distressing, to give it the desired appearance. This entire process is carefully controlled at Nice Denim to ensure that the final denim fabric is of the greatest caliber and consistency.

Nice Denim has an amazing capacity of 61,920 tons per day due to the enormous Air Jet looms. To guarantee flawless quality, 92 Nissan looms and 123 Tsudakoma looms are closely watched and managed.

Environment Metter

Quality Assurance

The highest and strictest quality and compliance criteria for denim manufacturing are met by Nice Denim on the international market. Our certificates serve as proof that the premium denim we sell has been tested and produced in compliance with a category of consumer denim that is sustainable. While upholding a culture of safe, effective, and compliant work ethics that respect industrial, labor, and environmental rules, our internal processes, teams, and products are carefully tested for quality control.