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Quality Products

World Range Of
Fabric Choices

We produce denim textiles with weights ranging from 2.5 oz to 15 oz. Our denims are created with various kinds of cotton and blended cotton yarn in a wide range of colors, shades, and castings of basic indigo with sulfur topping and bottoming.

Denim Category

Product Features

For the most demanding clients across the world, we produce basic denim as well as premium quality denims including bi-stretch, warp stretch, comfort stretch, multi-fiber super stretch, power stretch, multi-fiber light denim, colored denim, coated denim, printed denim, and so on.

Sustainable Products

  • Bamboo Charcoal
  • Betts nano copper Fiber
  • Coolmax all season fabric
  • 80s Sustainable
  • Coolmax Fabric
  • Drape & Functional
  • DualFX Fabrics
  • Functional Skinny
  • Ice Cooling Fiber
  • Lycra Beauty brand
  • Magnetic Fiber
  • Naveen Far Infrared fiber
  • Oxygen Finish
  • Zinc Oxide Fiber
  • Thermolite Fabric
  • ToughMax Fabrics
  • XFIT Fabrics
  • Organic Denim

Regular Products

  • Raw Denim
  • Comfort Stretch Denim
  • Supper Stretch Denim
  • Bi–Stretch Denim
  • Poly Cotton Denim
  • Cotton Serge Denim
  • Bull Denim
  • Printed Denim
  • Slub Denim
  • Colored Denim
  • Viscos Denim
  • Ecru Denim
  • Marble Denim
  • Dobby Denim
  • Chambray Denim
  • Tencel Denim
  • Skynny & Sustainable

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We believe that our track record speaks for itself. View some of our most recent projects below and take in Nice Denim Mills Limited's meticulous attention to every last detail.

Environment Metter

Quality Assurance

The highest and strictest quality and compliance criteria for denim manufacturing are met by Nice Denim on the international market. Our certificates serve as proof that the premium denim we sell has been tested and produced in compliance with a category of consumer denim that is sustainable. While upholding a culture of safe, effective, and compliant work ethics that respect industrial, labor, and environmental rules, our internal processes, teams, and products are carefully tested for quality control.